How to Host Google Custom Search on your Web Server


Google Custom Search Results Page

You have successfully created a search form at this point. Now, let’s create a separate search page which will show the search results based on the typed query string. Follow the steps below,

#1 Create a new Search page from wordpress

#2 Go to your CSE Control Panel.

Google Custom Search Control Panel

#3 Select your search engine from the list.

#4 Click on the get code button

Google Custom Search Get Code

#5 Click on the get code for search results

Google Custom Search Code for Search Results Page

#6 Paste that code in the html editor of the new search page that you created via wordpress


That is all you need to do in order to create a working google custom search for your website. The beauty of this code is that it does not rely on the external resources thus makes your website load faster. It does not block the page rendering which is the whole point of Google pagespeed insight. Also, if you use Mailchimp for your email subscription then read??How to embed mailchimp forms to your website for better google pagespeed insight score.

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