Fear is not Real – It is a Product of Our Imagination4 min read

I always wonder about the fact why people work for someone even if they don’t like it. We are here for a very short period of time and there is no need for us to spend that little time in doing things that we don’t want to do or hate doing. There is only one thing that is stopping you to reach your goals. That thing is the FEAR. ?

What is fear?

My friend explained it to me beautifully – Fear is loosing of something which has not happened in the present or will happen in the future. Fear comes when you think of the negative outcomes of your actions in the future and failures from the past. There is no fear in the present. If you stay still and live in present then you will find tremendous opportunities which you can capitalize. It is the present moment that makes you or break you. If somehow you can train yourself to be aware of your surrounding all the time, just imagine what all can you accomplish.

Fear is just a negative imagination of your mind which if practiced continuously becomes your belief which affects your choices in life. Did you ever observed a small kid? He is not afraid of anything in beginning. Being not afraid of anything he tries to walk into the dark but his mother stops him saying that “Do not go into the dark, it’s dangerous? Bad men awaits there”. The boy listens to his mother and did not go there. Again, some time later he tries to go there but again stopped by his mother. He starts to think that it is for real. And slowly and steadily develops a fear of dark. This fear grows with him over the years and now he is afraid to even try. You see this thing is so small but he will never know what’s in the dark, He will continue to live with this mindset.

So, it’s just inside your head. It is all about your thoughts. What you think you should speak, what you speak you should perform and if your mind, voice and actions are not in sync then life becomes hard. It is not the problem that is big or small, it’s your attitude towards it.


How to overcome Fear?

The best thing you can do is Observe. Whenever you fear something just hold yourself for that moment and observe the very cause of that fear. What are you emotions and state of mind?. What are you thinking at that particular moment? Now, observe one more thing, as soon as you start to observe the root cause of fear, the fear itself vanishes. Do you know how it happens? It happens because as soon as you start to observe, you start living in the present moment and there is no place for fear in the present. It can only haunt when you give it a chance by thinking about the outcomes in the future or the failures of the past. Instead of thinking about the outcome, you must concentrate on your actions. If you become successful in making the present moment right then your future will automatically change to serve you.

There is no one in this world who is stopping you to achieve what you desire for. Someone said something to me one day that I want to share with you all. He said – “Make yourself so deserving that you can get each and every material possession that you wish in this world. Once you get it, you will realize the true meaning of life”. He didn’t meant that money and wealth is the ultimate truth of life but what he really means to say is that if your mind will be occupied in earning your daily and fulfilling your materialistic desire (which by the way is the naked truth of this world) then there is no way you will be able to understand what life really is. But, once you have all it, it’s time to devote yourself in understanding your existence on this planet. So, friends it’s time to go out there and live your dreams. This present moment is a gift and that is why it is called present. Make you present, make your life.

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  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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